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Rev. Mike Mislan

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From an American BBFI Missionary, Rev. Mike Mislan

I first met Pastor Larry when he visited our Seminary and since that time, have found him to be a good friend, an industrious Seminary student, and a humble, teachable Pastor with a positive spirit and a servants heart. I also count his sending Pastor as a good friend of mine and can assure you that Pastor Larry has the proper Scriptural authority to Pastor the Christian Baptist tabernacle of Subic, of which he was very key in planting and establishing.

Sometimes, there is a tension between the American Missionaries who have the support, and National pastors who do not. But with Pastor Larry, even though his financial means is barely sufficient, he has always accepted me and it is truly one of my friends in the ministry.

If you are in his area, please visit his church. If you want to help him with a special project, by all means help him. As a fellow co-laborer, friend, missionary and neighbor (we are about 40 minutes away from each other in the same province), I can attest he is genuine, and worthy of your prayers and partnership.

Missionary Mike Mislan

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